Wilkerson's Consultants, Inc.

Serving Our community for over 14 years

Intensive In-Home Counseling, Therapeutic Day Treatment, and Mentoring Services

School Based

Therapeutic Day Treatment is a school based service that provides a model of positive behavioral interventions and supports to at-risk students.  Students who are in danger of being placed in an out of school placement due to behavioral and emotional disturbances and require school based therapeutic interventions may be eligible for services. The students often have mental disorders such as Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Other Specified Trauma- and Stress-Related Disorder, Anxiety Disorders and Specific Learning Disorder. Wilkerson’s Consultants provides counselors in the schools that work to improve behavior, emotional well-being, and overall student performance. Wilkerson’s Consultants counselors assist the student to process and manage stressors associated with peer interactions, teacher / student dynamics and academic challenges. Wilkerson’s Consultants work to strengthen home and school partnerships through participation in school and community events, IEP meetings, faculty meetings, and different school committees that support the school and promotes a positive learning environment.  Therapeutic Day Treatment Service hours are flexible and offered onsite during school and at Wilkerson’s Consultants satellite locations after school.  

After School/ Summer

As summer begins, the Therapeutic Day Treatment Service provides a full day of activity based treatment programs in a fun filled and therapeutic environment. Youth continue to work on their treatment goals in their Individual Service Plan while having fun.


Mission Statement

Wilkerson's Consultants work diligently to provide support for children and families that have serious mental, emotional, and behavioral problems.

We strive to assist children and parents in managing impulsive, intrusive, and problem behaviors.

We provide counseling to improve communication, relationships, and academic performance.

We provide training and support for parents.